Tuesday, May 27, 2014

DIY: Creating a Box of Sunshine

Last month, I was visiting with a family member when I learned that a special young lady in our lives was having a bumpy go of it. I felt led to let her know in some way that we were thinking of her, praying for her, and just overall loving her from our neck of the woods.

So hubs and I headed to Target to fill up a Box of Sunshine for this sweet little gal. If you've never made a box of sunshine, they're a real treat to put together. I was inspired by some pins on Pinterest and kept most items in the "yellow" sushiney theme.

We found a cute "Apple of my Eye" plastic box, candy like Starburst and Butterfinger, some mini Oreos, mini M&Ms, Easter candy, lemonade MIO, marigold seeds to plant, yellow glow bracelets, yellow flower suckers, a yellow light up jelly ring, some stickers, chevron patterned tissue, hair bands, a glass jar of lemonade, glow stars, lemonheads, note cards, and I even made a yellow crochet cuff.

It was fun choosing items we thought she would love. We carefully wrapped everything up in yellow tissue paper. Hubs even put in a ziploc full of potting soil :)

(I found some free printables all over pinterest and I feel super bad for not being able to remember the sources. Sorry!)

We heard the box was well received and it made my day knowing we made her day.


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