Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Boys' Bedroom: Redesign and Reorganize, Phase 1

E-Man and Bear share a room. That is what happens when you live in a smaller space. I love that they have this time together while they're young because they will definitely be wanting their own private space when they're older. One of the disadvantages of their shared room is that they accumulate ALOT of "things" and storage is pretty non existent in here at the moment.

Hubs and I have the larger bedroom with our queen size bed. Mr Sunshine has been co-sleeping with us since day one. Only now, almost three years later, have we concluded we need a king bed. Bigger bed means we will be switching rooms with the boys. They need more space, ASAP and they need it organized.

E-man has a collection of Thomas the Tank Engine items. Due in part to his autism, he didn't play with toys until he was 18 months old and a Thomas the Tank Engine was the first toy he ever showed interest in. Over the last five six years he's amassed a collection. We've had a couple different train tables for wooden trains (one which is now sitting in a storage unit), and he currently has two 18-gallon storage tubs full of train tracks that I have NO IDEA what to do with.

Kids' room in its current state

Aidan has a wooden play kitchen, built by the Hubs, that is taking up residence in our living room because the boys do not have room for it in their own room.

The boys have a collection of LEGOs that fills old plastic buckets and they're stored in my laundry area out of reach from Mr Sunshine. I want to be able to give the older boys better access to their toys and to not have to dump out the buckets every. single. time. they can't find the exactly colored two by one brick they need.

Our room in the throws of attempted organization

The closet is FULL of things from storage that now need to be re-homed, re-purposed, or discarded. (Admission: I live with a hoarder. Not the crazy I-have-forty-eight-cats kind of hoarder but the i-can't-throw-it-away-i've-had-it-since-junior-high-and-I-might-need-it-tomorrow kind of hoarder. Sorry Hubs, the not-so-secret is out).

The walls also need artwork. We have lived here for two and a half years and I have never "decorated.". This is mostly in part because our initial plan called for this to be temporary until we purchased a house but our plans have changed quite a bit the last 24 months and we're now content to stay here for another couple years. I guess it's time to make it look more like a home and less like a rental!

My goal is to finish this within 90 days. Each week or so I will show you some of the progress I'm making to complete this overhaul. I am definitely going to access Pinterest for inspiration.

If you have ANY tips for this redesign, please leave a comment or send an email, I'd love to hear all about it.


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