About Me

I'm Misty. I am wife to Dan (married 8 years) and Mom to three boys, E-Man (7), Bear (5), and Mr. Sunshine (2).

This blog is to document the never resting, fun filled lives of the O'Brien family. This will include my journey to a healthier me, the hi-jinks of being a mom to ALL BOYS, and other daily adventures in our household. The best advice is to write what you know, and boy do I know this crew :)

Misty - Stay at home mom and back to school mom, working on a degree in social work. I love cooking and baking (mostly baking), crafting, crocheting, and getting outdoors. Pinterest will be the death of me.

Dan - Full time working dad, loves his family, misses living in Portland, likes getting outdoors, and is passionate about Legos. 

E-Man - First grader who's very interested in science, obsessive about Thomas the Train and trains overall, has recently developed the acting bug, plays baseball, and has high functioning autism and ADHD.

Bear - Almost a kindergartner, loves quiet time, workbooks, and is a math whiz. Bear enjoys swimming and just started baseball this season.

Mr Sunshine - Two years old, fearless, and very independent. However, at bedtime he still loves sleeping with mom. (cherishing those days because they will be gone soon!)

Bones - 13 years old meow, still purring strong. Loves feathers and potted plants.

We all live together in our cute little apartment in the Pacific Northwest.


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