Friday, February 21, 2014

New Post, New Day, New Me

This being my first post on this blog, I thought it only fitting to start with my first day of the new me. I am starting a journey to lose the weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. Now, I've been here before, on and off the last six years or so, but this time something is different. THIS TIME I MEAN BUSINESS.

My weight has fluctuated since high school. My junior year I was a slim 125 lbs and a size six. When I graduated, I was a size 13. During the next five years, between depo-provera shots, depressing relationships, and eating my feelings, I shot up to 220 lbs. I was 22 years old and needed to do something. I started getting more exercise into my day and eating less fast food. My youthfulness allowed me to drop forty pounds over the course of the year without really even trying. How lucky.

Hubs and me on our first trip to the Oregon coast, 2006

 At 23 I married my husband and later that year we had our first son, E-man. Pre-pregnancy, I was 212 lbs and only gained 32 lbs during those nine months.
six months pregnant with E-Man

Three days after having E-man (10 lbs 0 oz), 30 lbs had melted off. I went home from the hospital in pre-pregnancy jeans. However, I kept eating for two and gained back some of the weight over the following year. 

A few months after E-man turned one, I was 25 and pregnant with our second son. I started that pregnancy at 220 lbs. I suffered through hyperemesis (severe morning sickness) until the fourth month. I lost 20 lbs but then gained those 20 lbs back the last five months.

40 weeks pregnant with Bear

My total weight gain on the doctor charts ended up being zero. 10 days after having Bear (9 lbs 9 oz), I  was down to 200 lbs.

Over the next couple years, I stayed about the same, gaining 10+ lbs, dropping 10+ lbs.
about 20 lbs lighter after a go round on Nutrisystem, approx weight 200 lbs

At 26, I suffered from a severe nerve disorder called Trigeminal Neuralgia (more about that at a later time) that left me bedridden for a year. When I was 28, I was pregnant with son #3. I started that pregnancy at 216 lbs and ended it at 252 lbs, gaining 36 lbs.

about 40 weeks pregnant with Mr Sunshine (10 lbs 2 oz)

This time, the baby weight did NOT melt off. I was 29 and my body was no longer performing magical fetes. I hadn't taken the greatest care of myself through my twenties so my body wasn't repaying me with the gift of bouncing back. I also suffered from post partum depression (which I did seek help for). I cycled through all the diets but at the time, my heart just wasn't in them. My motivation would fizzle after falling off the wagon and I returned to my old ways of sedentary behavior and emotional eating.  I am now at my highest weight EVER. Yes, I just admitted it. HIGHEST EVER. I am also at my unhealthiest and I feel the worst I have ever felt.

My boys are now ages seven, five, and two. I want them to have a healthy mother. I already see how much I am missing out because I can't keep up. I just can't. I have to stop to catch my breath when chasing them at the park. My back starts to hurt after hiking too long. My butt can't handle the seat of a bicycle. Colds last longer than they should. And probably the most embarrassing for me right now is how my shirts start to hike up and my three-time c-section stomach tries to peek out the bottom. I hate the way I feel. I have to change now or I never will.

I would love to lose weight but my major goal is a healthier me. I owe it to my body, to myself, and to my family. I have a plan and I hope you'll read along and offer encouraging support. I don't know where this journey will take me but I do know that I can't let myself fail again. 

So how am I starting this journey? First, I am heading back to an old friend, Nutrisystem. I tried Nutrisystem twice before and I DID lose weight, but I wasn't serious then. At least not as serious as I am now. I gave up after I was doing so well and thought I could keep going on my own. Later I realized I wasn't ready to go alone, I didn't have the right support system or the right goals or motivation. 

As of today, I am taking a daily dose of Greens from It Works! I have tried samples before and I love the way Greens make me feel. (note: I am not a distributor of It Works!, my lovely friend Kat is guiding me through the It Works products). I am also putting my ever-so tired husband on them as well. Our progress will be reported.  

My mini goals this week?
1) Drink at least six glasses of water a day. We have a Brita filter and I bought some lemons. I tend to drink more water when it's easily accessible and I love "spa" water, (water infused with citrus or cucumber). 
2) Get at least two hours of exercise this week. I know that sounds like a lame goal (only two hours?) but honestly, I am such a couch potato I am hoping that a small goal will make it easier for me to get off my you know what. 

So that's the beginning. I will definitely post before, during, and after photos as I progress. As of this morning I've already had my Greens, a glass of water, and my Nutrisystem breakfast. I feel like blasting some music and dancing around the house while I do my stay at home mom chores (which other parents know is NEVER ENDING). Keep checking back for updates or subscribe to my newsletter so you don't miss a post.


  1. I am so excited for you! You are taking control of your life and making a change for yourself and your family. <3

    1. Thank you dear! I appreciate your encouragement!