Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's NOT About the Numbers

I have been fearing my blog lately.

My real world has been over run with real world issues and I have had a bout of writer's block. I decided I didn't want to post just to "post," but also acknowledged that I can't just walk away because I feel I have nothing to offer. I need to give myself credit, we all have something to offer.

My goal of this blog is not to gain a mass following or increase stats exponentially. My goal is to gain an intimate readership and receive productive feedback for life's daily moments. As humans, we crave a feeling of being connected to something, to be part of a larger experience. We all have a longing to belong somewhere and my blog is longing to find its place in this vast online world.

I've realized my process is still in its infancy. Like a new child, this blog needs room to grow, cry, and have some meltdowns. My writing and the subjects of my writing will have kinks to be ironed. Some things will work, some things will not work and it will take some time to establish myself through this journey.

I always want to be the most authentic form of myself and to be honest about that is the most unburdening thing I could do for my blog.

If you have any kind words of encouragement or support, I welcome them!


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