Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring/Summer Bucket List: Area Parks and Playgrounds

It's all about perspective when the kids are home from spring break. They go stir crazy if they don't have some variety. I am not one to schedule their every waking minute; I don't believe in overstimulating kids. Instead, I give them ample free play but plenty of options for other activities if they so choose. I am not a cruise director despite how much my Pinterest board pressures me. However, I do recognize when the kids are about to throttle each other and that's why I love the idea my oldest suggested.

E-man presented an idea to construct a bucket list of the parks and playgrounds in our town and surrounding areas. So we opened up Google Maps and made a list of all of the parks we could visit. We decided to make the goal to visit as many of these by the end of summer.

Over spring break we were able to visit 4 of the parks on the list. All of them we'd been to before but now we're crossing them off and making it all official and stuff ;) We packed picnic lunches and even my sister and my niece met up with us for a day of fun.

I have to admit, it's a pretty great idea and I am proud of E-Man for thinking it up. It also gives me an outlet to get out of the house with the kids at a moment's notice while turning it into an adventure.

Our list stands at 4/92 parks visited. I wonder if we will be able to cross them all off in the next four months?

*even though we may have visited several of these parks within the last few years, we are only counting visits beginning April 2014


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