Sunday, March 16, 2014

Week 3: The Master Cleanse

Every day last week I was slipping. Not alot, just here and there. I was beating myself up about it. I was craving Frappuccinos. I was tired of water. I was SOO hungry in the evening. I just wanted to GIVE UP. At least for the week.

But low and behold God or the Universe or the PICK YOUR SELF UP AND QUIT WALLOWING FAIRY sent me a gift curse gift. 

The Master Cleanse. 

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo folks, not the lemonade and maple syrup kind of cleanse. No No No No No.

The ULTIMATE master cleanse. 

The-103-degree-fever-can't-stop-vomiting-where's-the-Immodium kind of cleanse. For two days.

At first I looked at it as a curse. Actually the whole damn time I felt cursed as I clutched the pasta cook pot and waited for the fever to break. But now, as it's passing, I feel blessed. Not because of the weight I still lost, but because I was given my pity party and I realized MAN this illness would have been alot easier if all the food I was puking wasn't so unhealthy. I also swore to myself I was never eating again but hey, that's not cool. So instead, I guess I will stick to what I SHOULD be eating which is fuel for my body. Being sick was just what I needed to get my rear into gear and stay the course.

It's been said it takes 3 weeks to break a habit and usually those 3 weeks are hell. I am hoping this next week proves a little easier.

As far as changes I've noticed, I can now wear my current jeans comfortably. I am no longer fearing/dreading having to buy a size larger. In fact I wore them all day today before realizing I never once complained they were hurting my waist when sitting down and I didn't say "I just have to take these pants off!" - Score!

Mini goals: Except for the days of Pukepalooza, I did meet my water goals so I am counting it this week :) I did NOT get my exercise of 3 hours so that goal is going to carry over for this next week.

Weight lost this week: 4 lbs

Total weight lost: 14 lbs. (See previous weeks' losses here)

Next week's goals: Three hours of exercise by the end of the week and continue with the 48 oz of water a day. I also want to add that I didn't take my Greens at all this past week so I have a goal this week to drink them every day.

And because my kids are just the best, I must share this lovely photo of E-Man with you. He is such a doll. :)

Have a good week!


  1. Ian changed so much... Good work on the 4 pounds! Love when clothes fit better and/or lose. That is the only thing that keeps me motivated. Can't wait until you join me for yoga.

    1. Thanks Ursula, you're right, Ian has changed. When he turned seven it just seemed to happen overnight. I want to join you for yoga but need to wait until I feel strong enough :)