Wednesday, February 26, 2014

5 Handmade Must Haves

I'm a daydreamer. I think of all the things that would make my life easier, awesomer, or just more indulgent. I'm a chronic window shopper who doesn't usually buy things impulsively, therefore, I am accumulating a large amount of pins on my "Product Wishlist" board on Pinterest as well as a huge list on Etsy. Hubs should be thankful there's no EASY button on the computer and that I get buyer's remorse when they ask for my credit card number at checkout. But maybe you're the type of person who enjoys happy mail and buying rad, cool, totally awesome things online. If so, this list is for you. If you end up buying any of these items, send me an email and let me know how much you like (or hate?) them. Maybe I can use your review to convince my hubs I need ALL THE THINGS.

1) I think my kids need this block set. E-Man is getting really interested in Presidents and Mr Sunshine loves blocks. It could make for a fun afternoon. Plus they're handmade, which I love.

2) Hubs and I love to grill. I like to do it eat it year round, hubs not so much fond of grilling in the rain or snow. I think these BBQ bags would make a perfect addition to our cooking repertoire. I also love that the creator of these bags gets the wood from his own orchards! The available flavors are Texas Pecan, Texas Mesquite, and Texas Hickory.

3) This family LOVES cheese. Cheese on everything, baby. I have had my eye on this fab cheese making kit from Urban Cheesecraft in Portland, Oregon. It comes with cheese molds, a thermometer, and other ingredients to make 30 batches of cheese. Oh my word. The products are so great that Etsy even made a video about Urban Cheesecraft. Birthday present? Christmas? Hubs? Anyone?
4) A couple weeks after I had Mr Sunshine I lost my diamond wedding ring. It had been slipping off my finger and in my sleep deprived state I believe I accidentally threw it away with a diaper change. By the time I knew it was missing it had been over twenty four hours and hubs and I tore our house apart. No luck. We have since moved from that home and I no longer have hopes of ever finding it. I have been on the look out for a replacement ring. Something unique, simple, and fitting to my personality. This wooden ring speaks to me. I'm not quite sure if I'll purchase it but so far it's my number one pick. I told hubs he can buy me another diamond after the kids are grown and gone :)

5) Handmade goods make me happy. I love supporting someone's passion and talent. These tea towels from Kate Zaremba give me the warm fuzzies. Kate is a talented illustrator and designs some beautiful textiles and prints. She even has wallpaper and gift wrap. My eye rests with these darling elephants (however it did drift to the fox printed wallpaper, but the towels are more practical for my situation). 

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What's on your wishlist?


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