Friday, February 28, 2014

Week 1: The Detox. Please Send Cookies.

Last Friday, I shared with you my first post in this journey to become a healthier version of myself. Want to know how I feel?


But it's a means that will justify the end. My body is hating this detox. I would LOVE to tell you how awesome I feel and how much healthier I am and yadda yadda yadda but really folks, it's only been a week. GIVE ME COOKIES. The first two days weren't so bad because I was all  RAH RAH RAH I'm eating better, I'm making changes. Then day three and four were a kick in the stomach. I was SOOOO HUNGRY. I combated that hunger with more water but I also relented a smidge and had one of my child's chicken nuggets and some whole grain crackers. This food thing is a battle. It's something to work on and sometimes those consolation crackers are what you have to do to make it to the next day and start over. I've been an emotional eater half my life. Food was a friend, a comfort. It wasn't energy or fuel for my body, my body wasn't my temple, it was simply a drug to calm the anxiousness, the nervousness, the stress. Previously, when trying to change my ways, I never acknowledged the reasons I craved chocolate or carbs. I never before admitted how the euphoria of a milkshake helped me justify my eating habits. Part of changing and growing means to admit those things, even if others judge you for them. It's your war, your inner fight, not theirs.

In order to get behind the wheel and be in control, I returned to a plan that had worked for me in the past. This time with a changed mindset and clearly defined goals. So for the first thirty days, in order to get a jump start on changing how I eat and to learn portion control, I ordered Nutrisystem. The food is getting better, Nutriystem is constantly changing their menu, and most of the selections are tasty. I've learned from prior years experience to avoid any of the meals with red sauce (spaghetti, lasagna, red soups, meats in sauce, etc) because they have too much of a "Spaghetti-Os" or Chef Boyardee taste. Ick. Now, I know Nutrisystem isn't the answer to really changing what I eat but for me, it's a transitional program.

This past week, I've eaten more fresh vegetables than I have in a long time and rediscovered my love of steamed cauliflower. I also like how the Nutrisytem food is filling. A couple nights ago, I subbed out one of the dinners and ate a Lean Cuisine instead and it was a huge mistake. Lean Cuisines are not filling, I completely wasted my calories on that meal and was hungry a couple hours later.

So what am I doing to curb the milkshake cravings? I have a secret. I used to make fun of those Yoplait commercials where the woman would brag about having Strawberry Shortcake or Boston Cream Pie flavored yogurt as a dessert or snack. I would LAUGH at that woman and think, "How sad, she's eating YOGURT for dessert!" as I gobbled spoonfuls of Ben & Jerry's.  Guess what I ate for dessert or snack this week? Yoplait Light Key Lime Pie with Graham Cracker Crumbs at 170 calories. And you know what? IT WAS DELICIOUS.  I never thought I'd be a convert but whaddya know?

Something else I changed this week was starting a new product called It Works! Greens. Every morning with breakfast, I pour eight ounces of filtered water, add two scoops of Greens, and mix. It cannot be easier. It also cannot be cold water or there is no way I can chug it down, but with room temp water it's quite palatable. (Although I wish I'd bought the berry flavor instead of the orange). I do however feel much better in the morning and definitely feel more energy. I will be taking the Greens for at least the first month and will update again next week :)

If you remember, I had two small goals this week; drinking at least six glasses (48oz) of water a day and getting at least two hours of exercise this week. Did I make it? Everyday I drank at least 36 oz of water and there were some days I drank 64oz. If it were averaged, I would say I made the goal but if being literal, then no. I did an hour and a half of yoga this week and over two hours moving furniture up three flights of stairs and around rooms of the house. I am going to count the exercise goal as met. It's a win since I am usually a couch potato.

And even though my primary concern is my health, a benefit of getting healthier is weight loss. My total weight loss this week:

Yes, a shocking 8 pounds which means I don't expect much for next week.

This week's water and exercise goals:

1) Continue to drink 48oz of water a day (gotta get this one accomplished before I increase it!)

2) Get at least 2.5 hours of exercise this week

Share with me your tips and tricks to staying on track! I'd love to hear what you have to say.

*note - I am not an It Works Distributor, nor was I compensated in any way by It Works or Nutrisystem for this blog post. I am just a regular gal trying to get healthy and I'm blogging about it.


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