Saturday, February 22, 2014

Two Million+ Tiny Treasures Hidden Around the World

I have a confession.

I LOVE geocaching.

What's that?


Well, don't worry, you're most likely not alone as it's been a pretty well kept secret from muggles

Hubs and I stumbled across geocaching about four years ago when looking for new apps for our new iPhones. In a nutshell, you use a GPS device to find well hidden containers in the outdoors. Inside these containers is usually a log book and sometimes trackable devices you can move to other containers. The beauty is that you can participate in geocaching in just about every country in the world. There are over two million of caches hidden WORLDWIDE. (Yes, even in Antarctica).
map of caches hidden all over the world, screenshot from

We went geocaching in our city recently. E-Man and Bear helped the Hubs with the seeking.

Once they narrowed down where it might be hiding they raced to see who could find it first.

E-Man had the find this time. 

Anyone with a geocaching account and a GPS device can seek and/or hide a geocache. Hubs and I have hidden about 10 since we started and we've found just over 400.

Caches can be in tiny containers or even in large ammo cans. The trick is in the disguise. Ian found this one behind the guardrail. We signed the paper log with our geocaching name and then replaced the cache for others to find.

If you're interested in becoming a "cacher." The first thing you should do is watch this video called, "Geocaching in Two Minutes." The Lackeys at Groundspeak have done an excellent job of putting together "how to" videos. 

If you're sold, sign up for a geocaching account and choose your GPS device. Groundspeak has apps for iPhone ($9.99), Android ($9.99), and Windows Phone (Free as of posting time), or if you have a handheld GPS, you're ready to go!

After you find a cache and sign the paper log, you will need to sign into your geocaching account online as well and "log" the find. You can do this directly from the geocaching app on your phone or you can wait until you have access to the internet from a computer.

If you have any questions, leave me a comment and I will do my best to try to answer them. If you're already a geocacher, tell us your user name or leave a link to your favorite find!

Happy Caching!


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