Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Etsy Favorites under $20

I could spend an entire paycheck on Etsy. The handmade talent is beyond amazing and I never fail to be stunned by the beauty of the items listed. There should be an international Etsy holiday where everyone just browses and buys all day long. We could all take the paid day off from work as well. Fuel the economy and stuffs. ;)

I am listing 5 of my favorite Etsy items that are under $20. Seriously, UNDER $20! If you need a gift or just want to get me yourself a treat, then consider one of these fabulous items.

1) Laura Frisk has a beautiful shoppe. I personally own three of her pillows (fox, sheep, and now a shark currently on its way to me). She has quality items and I just LOVE that she sketches and then hand carves the designs herself. People, did you read that? She hand carves them from wood. Instead of me explaining her design process, check out this link to hear it from her. She allows you to customize the colors as well so if you love the fox but are not fond of red, you can choose from twenty eight other color options. You can also choose the fabric color! Unending combinations!

2) I adore all things nature so these twig pencils caught my eye. Wouldn't these make a lovely addition to your desk? Or perhaps in a gift with some note cards? The graphite is only a half inch long, so as inkkit says, "it's not a forever pencil" but since they're made from real twigs, they are sure to be a forever decoration.

3) You can't love nature and not love camping. I dream of owning a vintage Scamp trailer that hubs and I can remodel inside, restoring to its glory. I imagine hanging one or two of these tea towels inside. Maybe when we retire? In the meantime, I'd love to snag these to remind me of this someday project. They are screen printed with non toxic water based ink onto an organic cotton towel. 

4) A year (maybe two years?) ago, I purchased a couple of these re-usable snack bags for E-Man and Bear. They are still going strong after repeated handwashings and usings. My boys are tough on items and I am really quite surprised they haven't ripped off the velcro closure. We love these bags. E-man loves using his at school for snack time and Bear frequently brings his in the car. I need to buy one for Mr Sunshine now! The shell is made of 100% unbleached cotton and the inner shell is made of water resistant ripstop nylon. I haven't cleaned mine in the dishwasher but the artist says they are dishwasher safe. 

5) Bear is very interested in math. He loves numbers and is constantly asking me what so and so added together make and how many dollars does this cost and on and on til my head explodes. I have a feeling he'd love this math set, allowing him to really visualize fractions. Each set is laser cut from 100% North American Alder Wood and comes packaged in a nice chipboard box, great for gift giving. 

There you have it, a handy dandy list of five Etsy items under $20! It CAN be done. :) 

What's your most recent Etsy buy?


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