Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Best TV Series to Watch on Netflix

Hubs and I had a brilliant idea last year to give up cable and move to a Roku. We were hoping to save $100+ a month. And you know what? We did. A year later I am preaching the Gospel of Roku.

Our cable bill was about $200/mo (which included internet, DVR, HD channels, Showtime and HBO). We are a one income family and we just couldn't bring ourselves to give the almighty cable company more money than we needed to. Since ditching the cable box, we knocked our internet bill back to $60 a month. We do pay $9 a month for Hulu Plus and $9 a month to stream Netflix but it's a great trade off compared to what we were paying. So sadly, I kissed goodbye True Blood, Shameless, and the Newsroom (as well as American Horror Story and The Americans since we are unable to watch FX as well), but since I have discovered some great Netflix series that I probably wouldn't have found otherwise.

In the Middle of Watching....

Malcolm in the Middle - I missed this 7 season series during my very early twenties. Being a parent of three boys now, I am super glad I am watching this show for the first time. My hubs says he sees many likenesses between me and Lois. I take it as a compliment. Plus, it's Bryan Cranston before his Breaking Bad days.

Damages - This Glenn Close drama keeps you guessing. Just when you think you know what's what, the writers of this show throw in another wrench. Close plays a morally corrupt lawyer who dominates the city of New York.

'Til Death - This Brad Garret comedy makes me laugh. He plays half of a 20+ years married couple living next door to newlyweds. I always loved his character on Everybody Loves Raymond so it's neat to see him in a starring role. Sure there's some hokey jokes and canned laughter but this brings me back to the sitcoms from my childhood.

Sister Wives - I'm not one for reality shows but this family is interesting. I also do not judge others or their lifestyles and I could totally see myself being friends with Mary, Janelle, Christine, and Robin.

Recently Finished Watching....

Orange is the New Black - How can you NOT watch OITNB? It's based on a best selling true story book by Piper Kerman and the show was created by Weed's showrunner Jenji Kohan. I also love Jason Biggs' character, Larry Bloom. He and Piper do not seem like a couple but I cannot imagine anyone else playing Larry. The second season airs this summer so start binge watching the first!

House of Cards - I have a crush on Kevin Spacey so I'll see pretty much anything he's in. I LOVE him as Frank Underwood. Sure the show is ruthless and highlights the very dirty arena of politics, but Spacey's acting alone is worth viewing.

The Killing - I personally think they stretched the first story line out too long (over 2 seasons?) but the content was good. I liked the third season the best. It all takes place in Seattle where two detectives search for a crafty killer.

Past Seasons of Series Currently on TV - Go Catch Up, Now!
The Walking Dead - 4 seasons
Sons of Anarchy - 5 seasons
American Horror Story - 2 seasons
Scandal - 2 season
Revolution - 1 season
Parenthood - 4 seasons
The Following - 1 season
Mad Men - 5 seasons

On My "to Watch" list:
The West Wing
Brothers and Sisters

Older/Cancelled Series for you to Discover
Lie to Me - LOVE Tim Roth in this crime drama
Crossing Jordan - Crime drama from the view of the medical examiner (who thinks she's a cop half the time)
United States of Tara - Toni Collette gives an amazing performance as a woman with multiple identities
Weeds - recently widowed suburban mom peddles pot to earn a living. It gets crazy after season 4
Rules of Engagement - 7 seasons of laughter among couples and a bachelor in different relationship stages
Breaking Bad - Series just ended, see Bryan Cranston as a science teacher turned meth maker.

So which TV shows did I miss?


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